Thriving Communities Include Immigrants

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The Challenge: A Website to Support Global Detroit’s Bright Future

Research shows that when communities welcome immigrants, they create strong neighborhoods, a productive workforce and successful businesses. Global Detroit is a nonprofit dedicated to policy and research, cultivating startup and small business growth, and supporting neighborhoods.

Global Detroit’s website was ready for a refresh. As they grew, their site had begun to sprawl into several sites, which were hard to maintain and eroded a sense of cohesive branding.  As the organization moved toward their next exciting phase of growth, they wanted to have an identity that could grow with them. Without changing their logo, Global Detroit wanted to develop and deepen their visual identity and connect to several key communities. Lastly, they wanted a site with a strong structure, so they could stay organized and keep their message clear as they updated it with new projects.


Global Detroit
Detroit, Michigan

Site Structure
Art Direction
Site Design and Development
Maintenance and Site Hosting


Working Together

Invisible Engines worked Global Detroit across a year to plan and develop the web site. We researched the field, presented strategy, site structure and creative concepts, and worked with the Global Detroit team to refine them before designing and developing the website.

A website project is not only about building a site: it is an intense and collaborative challenge! It is a process that pushes organizations to determine priorities, consider the weight of multiple audiences, discover language that resonates, look ahead and into the past, and examine and reexamine how things are and why. And at the end, all that hard work should result in a kind of clarity that is a gift.

This work requires excellent collaboration, and we are delighted to have had that relationship with the team at Global Detroit!



“I’ve worked with several contractors on website and database projects, and I would tell them that Invisible Engines is, hands down, the best firm I have ever worked with. The Invisible Engines team listens and really works to understand the organization’s unique needs. They get nonprofits and they ensure the product they are creating is right for you. Beyond all else, they are really easy and fun to work with. Usually working with a contractor feels like managing another person, if not several. Invisible Engines was both responsible and responsive, as well as smart and savvy and creative, and I could not be happier with either our website or the experience of working with this incredibly talented team!”

– Kristin Palm
Communications Director, Global Detroit