Collaborators at heart

Invisible Engines is a talented team of collaborators—artists, writers, strategizers, Web gurus. Together, we're devoted to building community and driven by encouraging everyday creativity. Our home base is Ypsilanti, Michigan, a place rich in inspiring resources and deeply ingrained with the spirit of innovation. Our clients include people on the block, just down the road and around the globe.


Linette Lao founded Invisible Engines in 2000, naming it for the unseen desires that power us to make things—inspiration, imagination, and the impulse to reach out and connect to each other. Prior to founding Invisible Engines, Linette designed for the Atlanta Jewish Times, Style Magazine, U.S. Digital and HealthMedia. She publishes the zines Crimewave and Slippery Shanty with Mark Maynard, and teaches mixed media and zines in the creative writing program at Eastern Michigan University.


Leisa Thompson brings a keen eye and an amazing sense of heart to the work she does with Invisible Engines. Leisa has won numerous awards including Iowa Photographer of the Year, Michigan Photographer of the Year-honorable mention, and many other awards from National Press Photographers Association, Michigan Press Photographers Association, Michigan Press Association and Associated Press. She has had her work published in newspapers throughout the country and in national magazines. Her work can also be seen in America 24/7 and Michigan 24/7.